I will readily admit that I sat down at my desk early on the morning of April 1st to get my interweb yarn shopping on. I’ve never been that sort of lady, but the deals….THE DEALS. Yesterday afternoon, the nice UPS man who waits for me outside my fence (since Snickers is such a ferocious beast) delivered a box full of sweaters. Now all I have to do is knit them…
Easy, right?
I love these colors so much it almost makes me wish that summer would hold off just a little longer. Spring has already been decidedly wintry and my knitting brain is not complaining.

There is only one problem. One tiny problem that has only been getting bigger with time.
It’s this pile of yarn in my closet. And by pile I mean two large containers, a couple bags…It’s getting to the point of being ridiculous. I’m like one of those crazy hoarders who live in mazes constructed out of newspaper and empty bottles of dish soap. At least my clutter is aesthetically pleasing.
I would sell a lot of the yarn I have, but most of my balls have lost their labels, or aren’t worth selling. I still have a stash of Bernat acrylic that I stocked up on when I first started knitting. I have vague plans to make a blanket out of it, but I’m not really looking forward to a whole blanket’s worth of scratchy acrylic passing through my fingers. That shit is just not comfortable.

I am considering, if anyone shows even the slightest bit of interest, starting a weekly knitting night at my house for friends who knit and friends who do not knit. I would love to have more knit-addicted friends, and it would make sense for me to take things into my own hands. That would take care of the acrylic stash problem. If I started people on afghan squares, it would help them practice different stitch patterns, and we could eventually seam it all together into one big lumpy communal blanket.
That would eat up a considerable chunk of my stash. Of course, I would first have to find some unwitting victims…


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