Requiem for Missing Hats

Maybe it has something to do with the season…but I’m not sure what’s become of my favorite hats.

My “ten days on Guemes” is MIA…and I didn’t even get my money’s worth before it disappeared. RIP (?) little buddy…
Ten Days on Guemes

Even more unfortunate, my fave hat to date, the “hobo chic”, is missing as well. What a bummer.
Hobo Chic

What’s the deal with disappearing knitting? And why don’t the crappy FOs off themselves? Do my favorite hats go to sock heaven, or is there a very special hat heaven?

I’ll be giving up on my stripey hobo hat and knitting another in similar (but different) colors for the fall. And I won’t let it out of my sight.


One thought on “Requiem for Missing Hats

  1. oooo what pattern did you use for the hobo chic hat? I’d love to make one to replace the slouchy hat I lost three years ago and STILL pine for.

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