I’m Jenn! I live in Seattle with a fisherman and our two dogs.

I spend most of my time thinking about feminism, yoga, knitting, soups, YA fiction, campy TV shows and crossword puzzles.


2 thoughts on “Who?

  1. I have just discoverd your Raglan Sweater! I Love it! I have already bought the wool but being a fairly new knitter, I’m feeling a little intimidated! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern! Tabitha

  2. OMG! We’re the same person! Well except for that whole accounting thing. I haven’t balanced my checkbook since the eldest Bush was in office. And while I don’t actually live with fisherman, I do live with 5 men and a male dog named Angus. Close enough to be internet buds? Love your February Lady Sweater and am going surfing for suitable yarn right this minute. Was your sizing XS, S, M….etc.? or did you start at small? Thanks for sharing!

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